Social Video Marketing

Our suite of online video tools work together to help companies develop VIDEOFLOW. We call these tools BRANDVISION and we help you use video better to drive engagement.
Here are some examples of video applications we have developed. The process starts with good video - quality encoding, formatting and publishing

BrandVision Video Hub for GOLF - This is a VisionSite powered by BrandVision. We call this a Social Video Hub because it is a collection of independent video channels sharing video with users and subscribers. This application can be public or private with free or subscription based solutions.
Online Video Channels - This page features several online video channels driven by BrandVision from ATV
Video Social Network- this is an example of a social video network we created where users engage with video
Online TV Show - this is an example of a regularly scheduled series that we deliver national on TV and online. In this example you are looking at a video channel on one of the leading video portals. This is a branded channel like the one described in the video above.

  • Clients Testimonials

    "Our partnership with Michael and Action Television has brought tremendous value to GOLF Magazine. Not only do we now have beautiful branded television and video product with Inside GOLF Magazine but we also have a valuable strategic business consultant in Michael. He has expertly guided us through minefield of the television production, distribution and sales in a way that has allowed us to maximize profit while controlling expenses. He has been very flexible and willing to accommodate all of our requests, no matter how difficult, all while working under very tight deadlines. Mike and his team will continue to work with us on television shows and video production, bringing high quality engaging branded content to our ever growing audience."— Russ Vance, Business Development Director at Time Inc.

    "Michael Billingsley is a rare combination of creative talent and business acumen. That is especially rare in television and new media production, where typically only the producer is the business person and everyone else in the process is a creative. Mike can wear all hats through the process of idea conception, storyboarding and creative, contract negotiation, field production, post production, and delivery. I've worked with Michael as a vendor, as a client and as a business partner and I find his work impeccable."— Dee Rambeau, Owner, The Fuel Team, A PRNewswire Company

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