Fox Sports Hyatt Resorts Jeep Sky Golf
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Callaway Golf Leadbetter Golf Adidas Descente Skiwear
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Marriott Resorts Disney Pinnacle Systems Vail Resorts
marriott_resorts disney pinnacle_systems vail _resorts
News Gator Nickent Golf Party Gaming Edwin Watts Golf
news_gator nickent_golf party_gaming edwin_watts_golf
PR Newswire Paul Mitchell Ringling Brothers Cobra Golf
newswire_pr paulmitchell ringling_ brothers cobra_golf
Levis Motorola Hilton Resorts Ping Golf
levis motorola hilton_resorts ping_golf
Bridgestone Golf Warsteiner Fujikura Golf MacGregor Golf
bridgestone_golf warsteiner fujikura_golf
Bolle Breckenridge Ski Resort Taylormade pfizer
bolle breckenridge taylormade pfizer
Fast Multimedia Graphite Design Titleist SI Golf Group
fast_multimedia graphite_design titleist si_golf_group


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    "Our partnership with Michael and Action Television has brought tremendous value to GOLF Magazine. Not only do we now have beautiful branded television and video product with Inside GOLF Magazine but we also have a valuable strategic business consultant in Michael. He has expertly guided us through minefield of the television production, distribution and sales in a way that has allowed us to maximize profit while controlling expenses. He has been very flexible and willing to accommodate all of our requests, no matter how difficult, all while working under very tight deadlines. Mike and his team will continue to work with us on television shows and video production, bringing high quality engaging branded content to our ever growing audience."— Russ Vance, Business Development Director at Time Inc.

    "Michael Billingsley is a rare combination of creative talent and business acumen. That is especially rare in television and new media production, where typically only the producer is the business person and everyone else in the process is a creative. Mike can wear all hats through the process of idea conception, storyboarding and creative, contract negotiation, field production, post production, and delivery. I've worked with Michael as a vendor, as a client and as a business partner and I find his work impeccable."— Dee Rambeau, Owner, The Fuel Team, A PRNewswire Company

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